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Lunar Cycle Report: June 6th - July 4th, 2024

Updated: May 27

This next lunar cycle invites us to develop a clearer understanding of our values and assess whether our behaviors align with what we truly care about. It's an exciting dynamic that could really help you channel your discipline to obtain more of what you authentically desire. Our inner warrior has also been called to grow and face fears these last few weeks of May.

Astrology Transit Report on Mars Venus Pluto Alignment in February 2024

Lunar cycles are like mini-years and offer us a more refined opportunity to set goals & intentions to make our lives better. Just like every year of your life is a chapter, so too can each lunar cycle, and you can harness this celestial timekeeper for your own growth and development. No matter what, this next month of your life is going to go by and you are going to make decisions that ultimately influence your life experience. Do you want this next month to be better than this last month? This cosmic information is here to support you.

Knowledge is power. If you have more information and greater insight into this current season of your life, you can better navigate your circumstances and make more aligned choices.

So, what's the celestial weather forecast for this next lunar cycle? Both Venus and Saturn have a strong presence. While one connects us to love (Venus), the other connects us to discipline (Saturn). They are not exactly cohesive planets, yet there is certainly an expression that reflects both, and we know it as "tough love."

When does love mean doing the hard thing? That's the tagline I want everyone to keep top of mind this upcoming cycle. What does love even mean to you? What do you value? What do you care about? What matters to you? At the end of each day, what things (feelings, thoughts, behaviors) consume your life force energy over others?

This next lunar cycle, we are primed to develop more self-awareness and, therefore, choices about managing our resources, including our emotional resources. Where are you misaligned with your values and resources? And how can you structure & budget (hello Saturn) your resources in new ways so that more energy goes towards the experiences you actually desire (hello Venus), like maybe more joy, fun, happiness, connection, and purpose? Keep reading...

The information below applies to the collective at large. If you seek personalized information for this lunar cycle, I offer 20-minute personal Lunar Cycle forecast recordings for $40.

A Quick Word on Some Current Mars Energy

These last two weeks of May have some pretty significant Mars activity. From approximately May 15th - 22nd, Mars was in close or exact alignment with the North Node, currently located in the constellation Pisces. From May 24th to 30th, Mars will align with Chiron, also in Pisces.

Mars is represented by the warrior archetype and is felt in your body as the sensation of arousal. Commonly associated with the masculine, Mars is a planetary energy that calls you into action. Other common expressions connected with Mars are courage, instincts, aggression, and passion.

With these alignments, this part of us has been channeling our soul path towards growth (North Node), which is often uncomfortable, and also our deep karmic wounding (Chiron). Have the last two weeks of May contained any movements, decision-making, or shifts involving your inner warrior? Have you had to face fears and move forward anyway? Good. You're flowing with the cycles! I'm guessing your decisions and courage have been channeled from a place of higher love and compassion (Pisces territory), even if you've had to face some tough circumstances.

If you've been making some scary changes and desire deeper insight about your current season to support you, I invite you into a 1/1 session with me. There is so much more information and context to share about how this may have shown up for you personally. OK, that's just some FYI that's good to know for the following information.

Technical Description of this Lunar Cycle

Disclaimer: This description and interpretation mentions multiple Zodiacal systems—the Tropical Zodiac used by mainstream Astrology and the True Sidereal Zodiac based on constellations. If you're newer to Astrology and unfamiliar with the different Zodiacal systems, you can read this blog to learn more!

Starting with some Astronomical details—the new moon on June 6th, 2024, will be in Gemini according to the Tropical Zodiac and mainstream Astrology and in Taurus by constellation. The most exciting flavor to this lunar cycle is that Venus will align with the new moon in the sky, pulling in the feminine themes of pleasure, desire, relationships, and values.

On the New Moon, Saturn will square Venus, the Sun, and the Moon and, over the course of the cycle, move into a trine aspect with the Sun and Venus. On June 27th, Saturn stations retrograde, and this shift will mark the beginning of a several-month chapter in which we are invited to express Saturn's energy differently.

The full moon occurs on Friday, June 21st, in Sagittarius, according to the Tropical Zodiac and also by constellation. It supports opening the mind, defining your beliefs, and embracing adventure. For this Full Moon, I highly recommend you do something that feels expansive, like trying something NEW and DIFFERENT.

So, how does this celestial weather forecast translate to the human experience? Keep reading :)

Main Astrological Themes

Over the course of this next lunar cycle, we may encounter situations where our values and desires clash with our behaviors. We will be given the option to align more with our truth or continue to feed into habits and patterns that are not producing the results or life experiences we seek.

Let me give you an obvious example. If you love yourself, which I hope you do, I think it's safe to assume that you value your physical health. In the same way that I want my Dad to feel physically healthy and strong because I love him, so do I want this for myself. If I REALLY value this, I'm going to take action to back it up. I'm going to pay attention to the food I eat, the sleep I get, and physical exercise. If my life is too busy for me to put energy into this thing/channel that I value, well, I'm not going to experience it in my life. Say my life is too busy because I work at a job that is super stressful and takes up all my time. What I am communicating to the Universe in this scenario is that I value my stressful job more than I value my physical health, even though this might not be the order of operations that's true for me. Doesn't matter. The quantum field will respond to the channel my energy is going. I will continue to experience my very stressful job as long as I choose to stay there over achieving greater health.

Let me give you a weird example. How many of us desire more joy, growth, play, and meaning in our lives? Yet, how many of us wake up to anxious, stressful thoughts? And continue to pour our energy into those thoughts throughout our day? Instead of maybe doing what we can to redirect our focus to an abundance of other experiences that always exist out there. If you find that most of your days are full of the emotions of stress and anxiety, I want you to know you are budgeting your emotional resources to this energy channel. Why are you budgeting so much of your energy to stress and anxiety? Are these what you want to experience more of? Maybe it feels like you have to because of your situation...maybe your circumstances feel very heavy. Like maybe you need your job to pay the bills. You can't just quit. I totally get it. I have such compassion for this space. Stress and anxiety are inextricable from the human life.

AND it's actually way easier than it may seem to begin to notice more of the joyful things in your life over the stressful ones (harness that Venus energy!) It doesn't mean the pain goes away. It doesn't mean you should deny your problems. It means, knowing that both joy and suffering exist, to choose joy over suffering anytime you're able. Find something that makes you laugh. It can indeed be that easy. It might not seem like laughing or looking for little pleasurable things everyday would make that much of a difference in your life, but JUST WAIT.

Think about your energy field when you are in a state of stress, and think about your energy field in a state of joy or even just neutrality. Knowing quantum principles like the Law of Attraction, what do you think you attract when you are stressed? And what do you think you attract when you're joyful?

This is the quantum key to living a brighter life this next lunar cycle. I'm serious. Spend as much time in states of joy, play, and purpose as you have the capacity, even if it means you have to do hard things to experience it (like maybe having an uncomfortable conversation to end a toxic partnership or finding a more aligned job). Use Saturn's disciplinary approach to help you lean into challenges. Do the hard thing and do it because you love yourself and from a place of desire to have better experiences. Improving your circumstances is always worth it the work it may require.

Do you know what will happen when you spend more time in a state of joy, play, and passion? You will be communicating to the quantum field that this is what you value, and it will meet you there with more of these experiences in your life. It will be in your vibration. When you're tuned to this frequency, you are OPEN, and you can actually receive the abundance that the quantum field contains.

You have to go first, though. So many of us wait for our external circumstances to change before we do. We wait for life to give us a reason to be happy before we are. Why? The reasons are already out there! You could laugh almost anytime you wanted if you put energy into focusing on things that make you laugh.

Now, life is not all about joy, passion, play, and pleasure. We are humans, and we came here to experience it all. If you are in a chapter where you're processing heavy feelings, do not deny them. Can you bring more pleasure to your life by being kinder to these emotions? Maybe you make your experience better simply by not being so hard on yourself. Maybe that's what ends up feeling really good to you. Shifting from self-judgment to self-acceptance is so healing in itself. There is no one path to navigate these themes this next lunar cycle. In fact, we will each have our own experience of them.

The Cosmic Invitation: Setting Your Intentions

I always set intentions during the New Moon phase. It's an easy way to continue to focus on what I desire to create more of in my life. What are my recommendations for practical and tangible ways to best use this lunar energy for personal growth and soul alignment? I invite you to use these themes in your intentions also.

Here are a few suggestions to incorporate with your intention setting or as you see fit:

  1. Assess your resource channels: Venus and Taurus are all about what we value, which is why I talked so much about this above. With some of the examples I provided, I invite you to journal on your "energy channels." Where does your life force energy go? And how do you budget your resources? Do they reflect what you actually value? Let me give you another example. I have seen many married couples who do not treat each other very nicely (no judgment; we all are mean to each other sometimes). I see so many of us treat the ones we love the worst. Why do our significant partners get the brunt end of our bad moods and our frustration? If we really value them, wouldn't we strive to support them and give them the best of ourselves?

  2. Lean into pleasure and receptivity daily: Literally, every single day, make a point to notice when you feel pleasure. Joy is pleasurable, play is pleasurable, and feeling valued is pleasurable. From taking a hot shower to hitting all the green lights on your way to work to warmly accepting compliments on your new haircut, just pay attention to pleasure! Not suffering. Not the red lights. Focus on the green lights. You don't value the red lights. You value the green lights! Stop and smell the spring roses. Let the neighbor's dog exuberantly lick your face. Throw a little party for the new leaf on your plant. Just NOTICE and prioritize more of the pleasurable things in your life. This alone can make such a substantial change to your energy field and life experience. With Venus in alignment with the New Moon, this is a huge opportunity to grow, heal, and evolve your feminine expressions.

  3. Be up for the challenge: With Saturn's presence in this cycle, we will be tuned into discipline and our behaviors. This is actually a wonderful cosmic energy because it can motivate you to take action. Stagnancy this month could produce feelings of pressure and heaviness. If you know you're called to move, and you don't, that's when Saturn's energy is challenging to work with. Be up for the challenge and you could find a quantum channel that carries you through the hard things you may need to do to align yourself more with your values.

How This Lunar Cycle Affects You

All the information you just read about this lunar cycle applies to the collective. This cosmic invitation to develop self-worth exists for us all. Much deeper and more specific information can be found in your natal chart by looking at your connections to all the cosmic players in this mix. This is exactly what I do for a Lunar Cycle Recording or in a private session.

For example, if this new moon opposes your natal Pluto position, I strongly recommend shadow work. I would expect you to have possible intense encounters with your fear and sense of self-worth. Surrender would also be an important theme to navigate.

If this new moon occurs in your 9th House, I encourage you to channel faith, pay attention to where you feel trapped, try new things, and develop your sense of spiritual purpose for being alive.

If your natal Chiron and Jupiter were in alignment when you were born, then this lunar cycle could highlight your wounding with your inner leader and believing in yourself.

There are so many different combinations that would influence the specific invitation this lunar cycle has for you. If you desire to make the most of this lunar cycle and seek a little moonlit guidance, I'm here to help.

Get Personal Guidance on This Next Lunar Cycle

For $40, I provide you with a 20-minute personal recording that shares the most significant information for this cycle as it relates to your natal chart. It's an easy, practical, and affordable way to flow, grow, and harmonize with the Moon.

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