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Transit Session

Receive starlit guidance around the energy dynamics present in your current chapter of life.

  • 1 h
  • 110 US dollars

Service Description

Friendly for any level of Astrological knowledge, a transit session explores the energy dynamics of this season of life that you are in. Using your natal chart and the current positions of the planets, I provide starlit guidance around the larger cycles and energy dynamics you’re experiencing. What is life but a cycle inside of a cycle inside of a cycle? From the daily clock to the season, time is an essential component of our reality. Timing is everything, so they say! Astrology is a modality that taps us into the cycles of time. In the same way, we can predict that spring will come again, we can predict that Mars will return to Virgo. You can think of transit sessions like a celestial weather reading—only much more layered. If you think about it, every single planet has a cycle. From the 29-day lunar cycle to your Saturn return, each and every celestial body represents a cyclical theme in your life, depending on where it is in its orbit. When the current positions of the planets touch various parts of your natal chart, certain expressions in you are activated in some way. It is a very subtle practice to tune into the cosmic currents around you, but when you do, you find greater ease, direction, and flow with the Unified field. It’s like swimming downstream with life instead of upstream. Who doesn’t want that? The goal of this session is to expand your awareness around your current season, cycle, and chapter so that you can direct your energy in alignment with cosmic energy. I desire you to harness the possibility and potential of the current celestial energy present to you. The purpose of this session is to: • Build awareness around the cycles of energy currently moving in your life • Give perspective and context around the invitation this cycle has for your soul’s growth • Explore the opportunities present with the current energy dynamics • Discuss tangible actions to harness and utilize this current cycle for greater flow Sessions can cover a number of topics, including love & relationships, career, money, health, karma, life purpose, family, and more. You will be prompted at checkout to share any details or topic you desire to explore. If you are simply curious to learn more about your current chapter, we will discuss what transit stands out most to me! All sessions include a recording and full transcript so you can refer back to this information anytime.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact me before 24 hours of your appointment. 50% of the service fee will be occur for any cancellations or reschedules that happen less than 24 hours from your appointment.

Contact Details

  • 16 E Rte 66, Suite 204 Flagstaff, AZ, USA

  • 1000 North Beaver Street, Flagstaff, AZ, USA

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