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Read the report for this cycle here.


Do you want to incorporate lunar guidance into your spiritual practice? Are you curious about how to align and flow with the celestial timing around you? This is the perfect recording for you! Get some starlit insight on the biggest Astrological themes and happenings in your life this next lunar cycle and learn how to work with them.


Working with Lunar cycles is a great method for deepening your connection to the Cosmos, enhancing your spiritual practice with starlit guidance, and flowing (instead of fighting) with the seasons of life. Every lunar cycle is a beautiful opportunity to grow and evolve into a more aligned version of who you are, each with a special and specific invitation based on the present arrangement of the Solar System and the nuanced interactions that arrangement has with your natal chart.


Recordings include a complete transcript. You will receive your recording within three business days after purchase. I invite you to share any personal details in the field provided as you feel called. This will help me make the information more relevant and specific to your life!

Personal Lunar Cycle Report

$40.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
  • Once receiving your order, I will send you a 20min recorded video via email within 3 business days of purchase

  • This item is a digital product that can’t be returned. Because of the time it took to make the video, I do not accept refunds on this item.

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