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Astrology Transit: Venus, Mars, Pluto Alignment from Feb 13th - 22nd 2024

Updated: Feb 12

Astrology Transit Report on Mars Venus Pluto Alignment in February 2024

We are gearing up for a Valentine's Day with some spicy cosmic currents, y'all! Do you have any plans? There are certainly the right ingredients for romance, intimacy, and for diving into some good ole' power dynamics.

Over the days of February 13th through February 22nd, Mars and Venus come into alignment with Pluto's current position and each other. Mars and Venus typically align once a year, and this year, Pluto joins the duo at the spot of their next union, creating a channel between masculine and feminine energies and the shadow. One thing is certain: the stage is set for a passionate experience on this year's nationally recognized day of love.

That's actually why I'm blogging about this. I want you to see the invitation, the opportunity, that's present here. This transit has the makings for both incredibly healing experiences and incredibly damaging experiences; the only deciding factor on what is created is how you decide to direct your energy.

Venus Mars Pluto Alignment from Feb 13 to Feb 22 2024

The more conscious awareness you have around these dynamics, the more power you have to influence the outcome. My goal in providing this information—and other transit information—is that you now have a little starlit guidance on how to navigate this upcoming celestial weather to create the experience you actually want to have.

This Venus/Mars/Pluto energy has the makings to take you to deeper layers of intimacy with your lover or any close partnerships. It offers a path to connection and clarity, possibly even about long-standing issues you've been facing in the relationship. I can see this dynamic producing conflict resolution, understanding, and forgiveness. I can also see this dynamic producing volcanic arguments, power struggles, and violence. It all depends on how aligned we are in our relationships and how aware we are of our wounding.

The theme for this transit really is power dynamics—whether we're fighting or dancing with the other forces in our lives. This is the theme I invite you to keep close to heart this upcoming transit and see if you can build awareness around how power dynamics are showing up in your life. We have the opportunity to find greater harmony together if we choose to co-create it over discord.

Annnnd here's a 30min video sharing more about this transit and why transits are so valuable to follow!

The Relationship Between Power and Freedom

Have you ever considered what power really is? Like when do you feel powerful? For me, it's free and total agency over myself. I get to do what I want when I want, and I have all the resources I need. Weirdly, this also describes freedom in a way. What's the connection between power and freedom?

I like this way of phrasing it: while being free means not being subject to someone's power, to have power is to constrain someone's freedom. Another way to say it is freedom entails the ability to act freely, and power is the ability to limit such action.

Let's look at this in a common scenario: A man asks a woman out on a date. Who has the initial power? The man here is limited in his freedom. He cannot freely go out with the woman even though he desires until she says yes. The power is with her. She has the ability to give something he lacks. He gives her that power once he desires to pursue her, and she has the agency to act freely. She could say yes or no or offer conditions—all of which impact what the man can and cannot do.

Power dynamics exist in all relationships and it starts with desire because desire naturally implies lack. When we desire, we want something because we don't have it. This could be connection with another (sex), money, or other resources we cannot supply ourselves on our own (hello, Pluto).

The concept of power dynamics generally implies negative connotations; however, I would like to argue that power dynamics make life fun! Power dynamics create romance. It's a fundamental force that we all experience. Dare I say that we all greatly enjoy the experience of power dynamics when they are functionally expressed together? It's a dance between the give and the take (hello, Mars & Venus).

Power dynamics are EVERYWHERE, and you can thank power dynamics for the experience of flirting and romance. Like do you know how you play it cool and wait to text that person back so they think you weren't immediately waiting by your phone for them to text you? Power dynamics, baby. Who likes who more? Who is the most vulnerable? Who has the power to hurt who? When we don't trust the other force we are engaging with (another person), we can't dance. If we feel threatened somehow by the other force, how will we ever lean into pleasure?

I explain power dynamics in this way because I want you to analyze these patterns in your life this upcoming week! What do you desire? Have you been honest with your partner(s) about what you desire? What does your partner desire? Have you been meeting each other's desires? We are supported in developing more awareness around how functional our relationships are and how we can create more harmony together. We are supported in learning how to dance with another over fighting with another. It requires keeping our hearts open, even when the threat of hurt, rejection, and pain exists.

Venus, Mars, and Pluto's Reflection of Power Dynamics

This theme of power dynamics is reflected so beautifully in both the relationship that Mars & Venus have together, as well as the relationship Pluto has with its moon, Charon. I always see such beautiful symbolism in what is represented in our perceived 3D reality. Let's briefly explore what we see happening in our actual sky.

Venus and Mars have a longstanding association with the masculine and feminine principles, the principle of polarity if you will. Venus, representing the feminine, this planet is connected to things like receptivity and pleasure. Mars represents masculinity and is connected to doing things, taking action, and giving. The Earth is sandwiched between Mars and Venus (with Venus inside of Earth's orbit and Mars outside, also symbolic). We are closest to the gravitational pull of both these celestial bodies in our Solar System. Venus calls us in, and Mars calls us out. This represents our own internal power dynamics with giving and receiving. Mars is the giving, and Venus is the taking. We dance between these two forces in almost everything we do, down to each conversation we have with one another. Right this very moment, as you read my words, I am giving, and you are receiving.

Orbits of Pluto and Charon

Now a similar relationship also exists with Pluto and its shadowy partner/moon Charon. No one ever talks about how Pluto has a relationship with its moon unlike any other celestial duo. Charon is about half the size of Pluto (about 1/8 of the mass), and because of this abnormally large size ratio, Charon's orbit around Pluto actually makes Pluto move in orbit.

They dance around each other, the forces of one moving the other, always seeing the same face (just as we only see one side of the moon). Both Pluto and Charon are impacted by each other. There's no way around it...pun intended.

To me, this symbolizes how we really do need relationships to reflect the parts of us we can't see about ourselves, the parts operating "behind the scenes" in our shadow. Relationship is what creates reflection. In many situations in our lives, we have a choice to fight or dance. With Pluto & Charon in the mix, this transit shines a light on the forces you have chosen to engage with. Is there more fighting than dancing in your life? We are not meant to live that way. Part of what this transit invites is recognizing that we have a lot more control over the forces we engage with than we often tell ourselves. Our responsibility is to choose forces that wish to dance with us instead of fight with us.

Sometimes, it's not that easy, and if I'm being completely real, a dance turns into a fight turns into a dance turns into a fight. Am I right? For me, it feels like what we co-create with the other force, a fight or a dance, is about trust. So that's another thing I would keep close to heart this upcoming week. Is there trust? Why or why not? What do you need to feel trust? It's very challenging to be vulnerable and keep your heart open without trust. Have you been trustworthy? That's another good question.

The Cosmic Invitation

So now that we've explored the main theme and a little bit of what we see reflected in our actual sky from Mars, Venus, Pluto, and Charon, I want to give you more concrete, specific guidance on how to tap into this celestial frequency for your own growth, healing, and evolution in your relationships. This energy does not just apply to our romantic relationships! It applies to any close relationship with our close friends, family, and business environment. Because this alignment is taking place on the Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp (by constellation, I do not use the Tropical Zodiac), I definitely expect changes in the business arena and the roles we play in society, specifically how these roles do or do not bring us deeper spiritual meaning.

  1. Recognize the extent of your personal power in your relationships: Oftentimes, we force ourselves to do things more often than anyone else forces us, and typically, it's tied to our fear. We make ourselves stay in relationships or give of ourselves in a certain way because we feel we "have to" for the sake of another person or other perceived benefits. We often forget that we have the power to renegotiate terms, speak our truth, or end a relationship altogether if we learn how to navigate our feelings of fear instead of get lost in it. I'm here for that. There are other times when we must surrender and accept things we can't our partner wanting to leave. This is part of the dance. The dance turns into a fight when we try to control one another. Consent vs nonconsent (feeling forced to do anything).

  2. Lean into cultivating vulnerability, honesty, and trust: I desire nothing more from this transit than more people feeling connected, loved, and understood in their relationships. I hope conflict gets resolved. That's the opportunity there for you—even if you find yourself in conflict with your lover. Lean into the deep conversations, the challenging emotions, and your true desires. If you keep your heart open during this time, you may find it filled with pleasure and understanding you've never felt before. This could also lead two people to compassionate disconnection. Perhaps the honesty needed is the admission that the relationship is causing more harm.

  3. It starts with the relationship you have with yourself: I would say that more often than not, we are in a power struggle with ourselves over how much influence we allow others to have in our lives. For example, your boss is not forcing you to stay in that job you hate. You are forcing yourself for whatever reason—money, prestige, a false story of being needed. I encourage everyone to not only analyze their relationship with others during this week but the relationship they have with themselves. How have you been fighting with yourself? What desires do you have that YOU have refused to fulfill? And why? The more you love yourself, the more pleasure and receptivity you allow in your life. The more you respect yourself, the less poor treatment you tolerate from others. Disharmony in your relationships could come from disharmony in yourself. What have you been allowing in your life even though it hurts you? We cause harm to the entire collective by allowing ourselves to stay in harmful situations and relationships. It is not a service to anyone.

  4. To the best of your ability, choose beneficial forces to engage with: We can't always choose what forces we engage with (like death, that's coming for us all, at least in the physical form), but most of us have the divine privilege of choosing our environment and the relationships we foster. Stop continuing disingenuous relationships. They serve no one. It takes immense courage to walk away, and it's the best thing you can do for us all.

  5. It's great energy for sex & physical intimacy (and baby-making): Do with this as you wish 😉

Venus, Mars, and Pluto in Your Chart

All the information you just read applies to the collective. This cosmic invitation to explore and navigate power dynamics exists for us all. There is much deeper information found in your natal chart by looking at where Pluto, Mars, and Venus are located by Zodiac sign and House. This will pull in specific themes that could show up for you during this week. It's also worth looking at any aspects between these planets when you were born, as this also indicates the energetic dynamic your soul came here to experience.

For example, someone with Venus in Aries or the 1st House would be invited or called to take bold actions and initiate the conversations, to basically go first. Ask your crush on that date! Tell your business partner you're ready for greater commitment with them!

Someone with Venus in Sagittarius or the 9th House could find deeper intimacy and connection by having a new, adventurous sexual experience with their lover or themselves.

If you were born with Mars squaring Pluto, I would recommend being aware of reactivity and placing care on how you & your partner process anger or frustration. There are so many unique combinations for how you specifically experience this transit.

Learn more about how this energy dynamic is specifically moving in your life.

If you desire to make the most of this transit shift and need a little starlit guidance, I have two offerings to serve you. I always welcome you to book a 60-minute private session with me to get into the nitty gritty of your current circumstances for deeper soul understanding.

I also record 15 to 20-minute personal interpretations for anyone who wants my professional insight on this cosmic shift for you specifically.

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