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Lunar Cycle Report: May 7th - June 6th, 2024

Updated: May 1

Self-worth is a main theme for this upcoming lunar cycle. We are invited to channel and develop the traits of determination, self-resourcefulness, persistence, self-belief, and inner strength.

Astrology Transit Report on Mars Venus Pluto Alignment in February 2024

Working with Lunar cycles is a great tool for deepening your connection to the Cosmos, enhancing your spiritual practice with starlit guidance, and flowing (instead of fighting) with the seasons of life. Every lunar cycle is a beautiful opportunity to grow and evolve into a more aligned version of who you are, each with a special and specific invitation based on the present arrangement of the Solar System and the nuanced interactions that arrangement has with your natal chart.

Having this stellar perspective and information is like getting a bird's eye view of how the currents are flowing in your life, and supports you in navigating them easier and more efficiently.

So, what celestial weather lies ahead with this next new moon? And how can you work with this Astrological information for growth and greater alignment with your Soul? Keep reading! This lunar cycle offers an opportunity to cultivate inner drive and resiliency to achieve new heights.

The information below applies to the collective at large. If you seek personalized information for this lunar cycle, I offer 20-minute personal Lunar Cycle recordings for $40 and 60-minute private transit sessions for $110.

Astronomical Description of this Lunar Cycle

Disclaimer: This description and interpretation consider multiple Zodiacal systems—the Tropical Zodiac used by mainstream Astrology and the True Sidereal Zodiac based on constellations. If you're newer to Astrology and aren't familiar with the different Zodiacal systems, you can read this blog to learn more!

Starting with some technical details—the new moon on May 7th, 2024, will be in Taurus according to the Tropical Zodiac and mainstream Astrology and in Aries by constellation. The position of the new moon will be located very close (within 8º) to where Jupiter and Uranus currently are in the sky, pulling in these planetary energies as themes.

The most significant transits influencing this lunar cycle are conjunctions (or alignments) between the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus. These various alignments will take place and color the energy throughout the cycle.

The full moon occurs on Thursday, May 23rd, in Scorpio, according to the Tropical Zodiac and Libra by constellation. These are the main astronomical components I'll discuss here as they relate to your human experience. So, what does this celestial weather forecast mean for the lunar cycle ahead? Let's dive into the interpretation.

Main Astrological Themes

This lunar cycle has a very empowering arrangement of forces. It's a cosmic cocktail that could give you a burst of confidence and determination to overcome whatever challenge might be in your way right now. The energy of Aries and Taurus layered in this cycle is a call to the main theme I invite everyone to develop—self-worth. We are really supported in building awareness and consciously growing through this theme of how much we value ourselves. This is a celestial season to build confidence, stay committed and determined towards your goals, and take a chance on yourself. I extend one caution, and that is to take calculated risks. This dynamic could overinflate one's ego and sense of self-importance as well.

Self-worth correlates with the energy of Jupiter & Uranus right now located on the Aries/Taurus cusp (by constellation). I like to describe Jupiter as your inner God. Historically represented by Zeus in Greek mythology, the expression of Jupiter in our human experience is our inspiration and aspiration to obtain new heights—to expand. We see Jupiter reflected in humanity's desire to go to the Moon, explore unknown territory, and believe in something greater. Jupiter's energy, when operating coherently, instills you with faith in the world and your ability to achieve more. What are your inspirations and aspirations? Are you achieving them? Why or why not? Perhaps all that's standing in your way is your level of self-belief and self-respect. Exactly how Jupiter shows up for you depends on this planet's position in your natal chart, but this energy will be activated this coming cycle.

Uranus highlights truth and innovation. It's a planetary energy that calls you out of the status quo and into your individuality, no matter what anyone else thinks. Where in your life have you just been "playing along" with the situation, pretending to like something you don't or be someone you're not? The energy of Uranus during this cycle could make it more difficult to continue pretending, as Uranus has a way of pulling out the truth. I expect some of us, perhaps those with a strong Uranus presence in our charts, to make sudden decisions about things that shift roles and terms for relationships. I would expect a little bit of the unexpected this month, both from yourself and others in your life. If someone comes and shares a decision out of left field, completely taking you off guard, that's some Uranus energy in action. Or maybe it's you who knows it's time to deliver some surprising news to someone in your life, and you're the Uranus force. However it comes, the presence of Uranus in this lunar cycle will weave in some radical honesty. You can handle the truth!

Venus does soften some of the self-prioritized, rebellious energy of the cycle with the feminine expression of love. Self-love and self-respect are parallel expressions. When you genuinely cultivate more self-love, it is reflected by having more self-respect. What does self-respect mean to you? It probably looks and feels a little differently to each of us. For me, self-respect means prioritizing my holistic health, taking my work seriously, and being very mindful and selective about the relationships I cultivate. Disrespecting my energy looks like laziness, overindulgence, and stagnancy. If I really care about what I'm doing in this life and the power I know I have to make a difference, wouldn't I set myself up for success through my habits and discipline? If I really believe in myself...The more I respect myself, the more I care where my energy goes. The more I respect myself, the more discipline I have to choose better habits, relationships, and environments.

The celestial energy of this upcoming lunar cycle deeply supports uncovering where you haven't been respecting yourself and, therefore, where you haven't been loving yourself, ultimately allowing you to heal these areas. That's the invitation! With greater self-awareness comes the power to choose better for yourself. Venus's progression this month into alignment with Jupiter and Uranus tunes us into love and the nature of relationships. For this lunar cycle, the planet of love is calling us to harmonize the relationships we have with ourselves.

To create more harmony in your relationship with yourself, you have to harmonize the relationships in your life. Harmony in a relationship feels like an equal energy exchange between the two parties. When we allow relationships in our lives to continue where the energy exchange does not feel equal, we create an energy imbalance in ourselves (and also contribute to the imbalance of the collective frequency). Do you know what it feels like to always be the one who gives more than they receive? From an objective, energetic standpoint, that is an unsustainable system. For you to feel like you respect yourself, you have to stop tolerating less than you feel you "deserve." If you continually allow your partner to abuse you, you are communicating to yourself that you deserve to be abused. If you continue to allow your precious life force energy to be wasted at a job you don't even care about, you are telling yourself that you don't care about your life force energy. Please, care about your life force energy. You deserve to experience more joy, happiness, passion, and love. You will only receive more joy, happiness, passion, love, or anything else pleasurable by first believing you deserve it. If you do not feel you deserve more joy, you will not let yourself receive it even when it's right in front of you for the taking...and it always is! So many of us choose to stay in suffering. Stop that. Or, at the very least, ask yourself why. Why do you feel you deserve to suffer? That question certainly pertains to developing awareness around your sense of self-worth.

Our work right now with each other, especially around this next full moon in Scorpio/Libra, is to have higher standards for ourselves and our lives and create more harmonious boundaries based on those standards. It is your job and duty to your Soul not to tolerate unhealthy relationship dynamics. The more you love yourself, the more you care about who you are around and how they treat you. The more you love yourself, the more you care about how you treat others, too.

I invite you to journey with the moon this next lunar cycle and dive deeper into these starlit concepts I discuss here. The celestial dynamic at play could really really catapult you to a new energetic frequency that allows you to embody a higher level of self-respect that could then literally change the quality of your life forever. Just saying.

The Cosmic Invitation: Setting Your Intentions

What are my recommendations for practical and tangible ways to best use this lunar energy for personal growth and soul alignment?

Here are a few suggestions to incorporate with your intention setting or as you see fit:

  1. Get clear on what you value: Venus and Taurus are all about what we value. If you walk up to most people on the street and ask them what their 5 core values are, most wouldn't know. Knowing what you authentically care about is a compass to your actions. If you value philanthropy yet work for a corporate powerhouse that operates sweatshops, I would say that isn't a harmonious dynamic for your energy. You aren't going to find harmony in yourself knowing that you are contributing to a cause that is against what you stand for. This is a great month to align more with your core values. Inspiring researcher and author Brené Brown has a cool list to check out here.

  2. Cultivate follow-through and consistency: This lunar cycle is a call to "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" and tackle the challenge "head-on." Maybe "rub some dirt on it." I'm personally super jazzed about this energy coming up because I've been needing some support in this department, and I am going to capitalize on this! This dynamic could bring additional motivation and inner fire to put your "money where your mouth is." Show up with your actions, show up consistently, and see what happens. If that means actually going to the gym four days a week or folding your clothes as soon as they are out of the dryer, do the thing! "Get your hands dirty." You are supported in taking disciplined action and even making the challenge FUN. It's a month to feel strong.

  3. Show your physical body some love & respect: Uranus, Venus, and Taurus are correlated with the nervous system, our senses, and the physical body in general. During this upcoming lunar cycle, I highly encourage going deeper into somatic practices like sound healing, massages, and yoga. Be in your body. Feel your body with greater sensitivity. Love your body. Do things that communicate to your body that you love it. I'm personally going to eat a lot of high-frequency, raw foods to develop my microbiome and work on expanding my lungs with cardio. Respecting yourself by the way you treat your body will be extra potent medicine this next lunar cycle.

How This Lunar Cycle Affects You

All the information you just read about this lunar cycle applies to the collective. This cosmic invitation to develop self-worth exists for us all. Much deeper and more specific information can be found in your natal chart by looking at your connections to all the cosmic players in this mix. This is exactly what I do for a Lunar Cycle Recording or in a private session.

For example, if this new moon opposes your natal Pluto position, I strongly recommend shadow work. I would expect you to have possible intense encounters with your fear and sense of self-worth. Surrender would also be an important theme to navigate.

If this new moon occurs in your 9th House, I encourage you to channel faith, pay attention to where you feel trapped, try new things, and develop your spiritual practice and connection to your higher self.

If your natal Chiron and Jupiter were in alignment when you were born, then this lunar cycle could highlight your wounding with your inner leader and believing in yourself.

There are so many different combinations that would influence the specific invitation this lunar cycle has for you. If you desire to make the most of this lunar cycle and seek a little starlit guidance, I'm here to help.

Go Deeper with a Personal Recording or a Private Session

I have two offerings for you to make the most of this upcoming lunar cycle. For $40, I provide you with a 20-minute personal recording that shares the most significant information for this cycle as it relates to your natal chart. I talk about the area of life that you're being called to focus on, as well as more specific details on how I expect this energy to show up for you and how to personally work with it for flow and Soul alignment.

For more profound work and self-discovery, I also offer a 60-minute transit session for $110. I recommend this option if you are seeking counseling over additional information. If you are struggling with your self-worth or unsure how to best navigate the challenges you are facing right now, I warmly welcome you into my celestial office.

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Wow. All of this is so resonant! I'm ready to show up and live my values this lunar cycle and harness the strength and passion I feel has been gifted to me with the new moon!

Danielle Krey
Danielle Krey
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Girl, I feel it from you—Yes! I'm so excited to see what that passion creates!

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