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Sun/Pluto Alignment in January 2024

Updated: Jan 21

Between January 15th and 25th, 2024, the brightest body in our solar system (the Sun) meets one of the darkest (Pluto) for a stellar opportunity to illuminate our shadow, collectively and individually. Taking place on the Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp (by constellation), this transit will touch on how our spiritual values meet our moral duty & social contribution. This cosmic current will begin building around the 15th, with the strongest alignment taking place between the 19th and 21st before the frequency begins to fade. The invitation of this cosmic time is to step into your personal power and gain a deeper understanding of how we can bring a greater sense of purpose to our social roles/careers.

It may also illuminate systems and structures that are NOT aligned with our morality and higher values, providing greater awareness of what needs to change. I explain a lot more in the video!

I'm going to make a bold statement, and it comes from my heart. If you do not wake up every day with a sense of higher meaning and passion for your human life, something is wrong. Each and every one of us is here to flourish, not suffer. That's my belief. Sure, being human means that life will bring challenges, setbacks, frustrations, and disappointments — all these things are painful. So, what's the difference between pain and suffering? While pain is an objective measure, suffering is "the interpretation of that [painful] event and involves thoughts, beliefs, or judgments, and reflects the human experience of pain."

This is the best news ever! Why? Because suffering directly involves your interpretation & belief of an event, and you can change this simply with your consciousness anytime you choose. Suffering comes from the stories you tell yourself are true. You are so powerful because you are a conscious human who can change the meaning of anything anytime you want. This Sun/Pluto transit is inviting you to connect to this power.

Let me give you a few examples. Simple one—someone flips you off while you're driving because of some silly thing, like you waited 2 seconds before going when the light turned green. You can assign so many meanings to this, and the meaning you choose will result in either inner peace or suffering. One person could take it very personally; they could curse that person and proceed to follow them in anger, demanding accountability for their rude behavior. Someone could feel awful, like it was their fault, and they deserved to be flipped off for the silly thing...sending them into a cycle of self-deprecating thoughts. Someone else could simply say that person might be having a rough morning, choose compassion, and take no offense.

Which meaning do you think causes the least suffering? In this scenario, the reaction of the person who was flipped off causes way more harm to their experience than the person who flipped them off. Do you think your rumination really affects the flipper-offer more than you? No. Oftentimes, we perpetuate our own suffering, and no one is doing it to us. Have you ever heard the saying that forgiveness is actually more healing for you than the person you're forgiving? We need to let ourselves let things go, and it's hard to do that when we have assigned a belief or meaning that keeps us in a story of suffering.

Do you want to know what true alchemy is as a conscious creator on this earth? Change the meaning of information so you free yourself.

Another example, one more closely connected to this transit energy, let's say we have a typical 9-5 tech employee working in e-commerce. They like what they do and don't have a lot of complaints, but they also don't necessarily feel "inspired" by their work. They are working in their skillset but for a company that is very "corporate America". There are benefits and good pay, but the company doesn't care about environmental impact, and this person doesn't feel they are contributing to society in the way they desire. They want their skills to go towards sustainability and finding solutions to the world's environmental issues. So there is a sense of emptiness, and even a sense of contributing to the problem, that this person has.

This person tells themselves, believes, that they won't find anything better than they have now. They are afraid to make a change because what if they don't find something that pays as much? Oh, and their parents won't understand the pursuit of something better because both spent their lives in an empty job that just pays the bills. This person might not even feel like they deserve better. I mean, they have it pretty good, considering! All of these beliefs will keep this person suffering and will keep them from making more of their career, roles, and contribution to society. This person will never experience the joy, success, and fulfillment of pursuing a contributing role that actually aligns with their deeper spiritual morals (wanting to heal nature), which is TOTALLY a possibility for this person! What if this person actually holds the key to solving a major sustainability issue? But they never discover it because they don't let themselves pursue their passion. How devastating is that for us all?

The remedy for this is to choose to believe (not always easy, I know) that there is more out there and that they do deserve it, and actually, by choosing to align with their moral values, they help us all so much more than staying in mediocrity.

Are you reflecting on your life now? And how have your beliefs perpetuated your own suffering? Good. Keep doing that through these next ten days or so.

So now, let's venture back to the stars and the invitation of this Sun/Pluto alignment on the Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp (please note I interpret Astrology based on the constellations and not through the Tropical Zodiac, which would put this on the cusp of Capricorn/Aquarius). Anything the Sun touches is illuminated; in this transit, it's literally illuminated our entire solar system. Pluto is on the very outskirts of this cozy cluster of spinning planets we call home, residing in what is called the Kuiper Belt. So we have a connection here with the center of the solar system to the very outskirts, inviting us to see A LOT that we might not see otherwise. Isn't that cool?

I personally expect our shadow to be revealed to us through experiencing what is causing us suffering. Pay attention most to your suffering during this time, and allow the Sun's radiant light to share with you why you are suffering. What's the story you're telling yourself? Pluto is the subconscious, things operating outside our awareness, in the shadow. By default, Pluto references the things we are not yet aware of, which is why this transit is so exciting to me. Things, beliefs, and stories that have kept us trapped in suffering are going to be brought to the surface for us to see. As soon as we see the shadow, it is no longer a shadow because we see it. As soon as a subconscious story is brought into our conscious, it's no longer operating out of our awareness. This is what people call "shadow work", making the unconscious conscious and it literally happens all the time.

Knowledge is power, and the more you understand your own suffering, the more you can use your power as a conscious creator to change the story and decide how you want to move forward. The Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp is a place where our fire (Sagittarius) becomes earth (Capricorn). How do you take your passion, purpose, and inspiration (fire) and create form with it (earth)? Are you moving in this world in a way that honors and even ignites your inner fire? Or is your fire going out because you are prioritizing staying in the status quo? That is a dangerous place to be.

Use this cosmic current to help you tune into and align your life with your heart. It takes courage because chances are you will need to take a stand against some things in your life. As a recovering people-pleaser, it has been hard for me to speak up for what I believe, especially when I think it could disappoint someone. If you resonate with that, let me tell you that you are helping no one by staying small. It's actually part of why the collective is struggling right now. What if the solutions to all the world's problems are living in people-pleasers that just don't want to ruffle someone's feathers? And so they never step into their power? And we just keep letting broken systems run because we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings? THIS IS SO HARMFUL, if you ask me. I invite you to step into a new story, one that empowers you to be true to who you are at any cost because this is actually the best thing you can do for us all.

If we all prioritized our inner fire over following the status quo, society would be filled with passionate people with burning hearts ready to overcome challenges and make progress. I want to live in that kind of society. Join me, won't you? This Pluto/Sun transit invites you to step into your personal power and take of the chains of limiting beliefs around your own suffering.

Want to know more about what this transit holds for you personally?

Book a private session or invest in a personal recording! It is my joy and passion to provide starlit guidance to any soul who desires to expand their self-awareness.

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