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The world needs you to be you and not what you think other people want you to be.

Let’s talk about selfishness for a moment. Society has a deprecating narrative around this word. If someone calls you selfish, they probably mean it as an insult. The message is that putting yourself first before others is bad. Selflessness is the high road…right?

🤔 But what happens when being selfless means that you stay in an abusive relationship because you love them and put them first?

🧐 And what if it means that again and again you overextend yourself for others by saying yes to the point of burnout because they ask you to?

🤨 And what if it means that you constantly silence your own voice because sharing your thoughts might causing conflict? And you’d rather just keep the peace?

Selflessness, in all its righteousness, can also be a direct cause of people-pleasing, lack of boundaries (the ability to say NO), and self-belittlement. It's clear that just as too must selfishness causes problems, so does being too selfless—society just doesn’t push this narrative.

I think it’s time we change the story. I want you to be more selfish. I want you to value yourself, have higher self-esteem, and cultivate confidence because when you have these traits you don’t want to be anyone else but yourself. This authentic approach to living means that you feed your soul rather than crush it, and make hell of a greater impact. If we all took this approach to life, the world would be a very different place.

The world will ask you who you are, and if you don't know, the world will tell you.

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Learn to cultivate sacred selfishness and authenticity.

I teach the art of authenticity and sacred selfishness, and I say art because these skills are inherently creative. I want you to create your life with them—which means changing your perspective on the harm selflessness can cause. And let me make myself clear. My work is not about shaming selflessness. Selflessness is an incredible trait to have. There’s a reason so many teachers and gurus focus on it.

What I teach with my work is that having extreme selflessness can be just as dysfunctional as having extreme selfishness—an angle that's isn't shared enough. 

There is a balance to be achieved between these expressions for optimal life functioning. Here's the problem for the people-pleasers and big-hearted souls who have taken a more selfless approach to life—they've spent so much time caring about others that they haven't spent the time getting to know themselves and who they truly are.


This is what the practice of authenticity and sacred selfishness invite you to do. This work is about turning your attention inward and beginning to care more about whats going on inside rather than outside. It calls for nonjudgemental self-awareness, radical self-acceptance, and conscious self-expression. Cultivate these things and you'll flourish.


And If you flourish, the world flourishes.

It's time to be audaciously authentic and sacredly selfish ✨ 

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