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Your life is a culmination of the decisions you make.

To be human is to be creative. You are an artist, and this life is your masterpiece. My work as an Astrologer is to help you understand who you are and all this life can be for you. If you choose it. Exploring the Stars is exploring the Soul. Tune in and listen to your heart.

No matter what, your life will go by, and things will happen to you and because of you. You can't stop it. No matter what, you are a part of this grand co-created reality on Earth, whether you choose to actively participate or not. So many of us choose to keep living the same mediocre life that we know, even though it causes us suffering, even though the fire in our hearts call us to create something better. Deep down, you know without a shadow of a doubt the decisions that would make your life bigger, bolder, and brighter. You know the path that will lead you to be all you can be, and this path will remove the suffering, regret, and frustration of playing it small. Your mind may not know it, but your heart does. You just have to tune in.


Some of the biggest challenges we face when making decisions that impact our lives are confusion, self-doubt, and fear of change itself. Is this really the best decision for me? What if I'm making a mistake? What will other people think? Can I really do this? This fear keeps us stuck in the same restrictive relationships, jobs, habits, and patterns. In fear, we decide to keep things the same, and nothing changes when nothing changes. We are comfortable in our familiar suffering. All the while, we dishonor the calling of our hearts into something greater.


That is the purpose and benefit of my work as an Astrologer. I want you to understand your power and start using it differently. I want you to bring more consciousness and, therefore, clarity into what you do and why you do it. I want you to have the courage and confidence to make better decisions and a better life for yourself.

I have a lot of celestial information to share that will help you do this.

If you are in a place of transition and change, ready to make some bold decisions for a better life, yet are facing fear and self-doubt, I desire nothing more than to provide you with some Starlit guidance to navigate the season ahead with greater confidence, clarity, and self-surety.

Private Sessions

Dive into the Stars and Soul. Join me in exploring the energy dynamics of your soul, a relationship in your life, the current season you're in, or cosmically-charged places to visit around the world.

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Explore the Self, understand your energy field, and illuminate the Soul.

Natal chart sessions provide starlit guidance specifically related to your Soul and Soul’s journey in this life. Not only do I provide thorough chart interpretations of the patterns I see, but we also discuss how these patterns show up through thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and repeating experiences. By the end of our session, you'll be vibrating at a frequency more true to who you are—feeling more inspired, motivated, and empowered by your authenticity.

The Benefits of this Celestial Work

You are one session away from living a more inspired life that actually fulfills you!

Develop More Self-Awareness

There's always more to discover about yourself. My work gives you clarity around your identity and choice over how you move in the world.

Heal and Integrate Shadow Parts

Move from being fear-driven to love-driven. Welcome, accept, and embrace your darkness and all its lessons so that your light can shine brighter.

Understand Your Energy Field

The vibration of your energy field interacts with everything else in your life. Understand the nature of your frequency and shift it into a higher state.

Harmonize and Magnetize

As you embrace and embody your unique essence, your frequency will attract experiences aligned with the desires of your heart. Become Magnetic!

Connect and Channel Purpose

Your heart is the most trustworthy force you could follow. Strengthen your connection with this center and tune into that quiet voice of intuition inside.

Create Joy and Pleasure over Pain

Learn to change where your energy goes. Stop prioritizing the channels that are painful. I help you create & strengthen channels that bring joy!

Recent Blogs

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Hi, I'm Danielle


It has been my life's obsession, joy, and purpose to truly discover what it means to be myself—and to experience the freedom that comes with pursuing my heart with such fervor. The foundation and mission of my work are to cultivate authenticity and self-actualization in every soul who desires to do this soul-filled work. I believe the social climate is a reflection of the inner climate and that many of us are tired of the discord both outside and inside of us. I believe that creating more harmony collectively means creating harmony first and foremost in ourselves. The stars have been my most effective tool for this work as they illustrate the bigger picture of energy patterns moving in your life. They provide context for the larger story your soul is experiencing here, helping you navigate your inner world. Each time one of us does this divine work of healing, the entire collective frequency benefits. By helping yourself, you help us all. 


Danielle is such an incredible astrologer and soul. She met me where I was at (as a astrology newbie) and made sure I was educated on the what and why behind what was going on in my chart. I came to her at an interesting time in my life, seeking insight regarding my life purpose and relationships. We'd go through so much information in our sessions that I was so happy to have the session recording and her copious written notes to refer back to. After each session, I'd come away with new insights that propelled me forward in my life. Danielle is thorough, kind and welcoming, enthusiastic, and patient. I can't say enough good things about my sessions with her, and I look forward to more in the future!


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