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The Wonderful World of Paradoxes in the Natal Chart

Merriam-Webster defines paradox as one (such as a person, situation, or action) having seemingly contradictory qualities or phases.

It means your this thing AND your this thing even if those two things are contradictory. And let me tell you, the natal chart is FULL of paradoxes! For one, the planets contradict each other yet we have the energy of each inside of us somewhere. Jupiter is big and benevolent, Saturn is restrictive and disciplinary. Each of the Zodiac signs and houses has an opposite, and commonly at least one of those opposite axes is activated by planets or other chart components.

What this means is that when you look deep enough into your natal chart, you’re bound to find something that contradicts another thing. A great example of this is being born on a full moon.

Anyone born on a full moon has their Sun sign directly opposite their Moon sign, meaning that two very core parts of you are basically taking on opposite functions and expressions. You’re a walking paradox (we all are in some way).

I LOVE THIS ABOUT ASTROLOGY. It reveals just how many things you really are, or could be, if you wanted to lean into a different expression. Often times, we are taught that we live in an “either or” kind of world. You can be this or that, but not both…which is like a recipe for compartmentalizing different parts of yourself into “ If I am this, I can't be that.” This is good. This is bad. And maybe this is true in some cases, but I guarantee that somewhere in your life, there’s an AND that needs to be embraced instead. Just take a look at your chart.

For me, there was a part of my chart that I did not resonate with until I explored it much further, and that was my Mars conjunct Midheaven in Gemini. To translate, my chart is telling me loud and clear that I have warrior energy in the realm of communication. I have the capacity to have a passionate, assertive, headstrong voice—especially when it comes to my career. I’ve read different interpretations from other Astrologers who say this chart aspect shows “influencer status” on Instagram.

😱 😅 😬 ...what

I don’t even have 700 followers and the very idea of being a warrior with my words terrifies me. I have always valued my gentle, Piscean kindness—not assertive, prone to listen with compassion. And this is the thing about Astrology that I think most people miss—The chart is not just a character assessment, it’s a map of your potential. Whether or not you’re leaning into that potential is another thing. I have not (until pretty recently) explored my Mars conjunct Midheaven in Gemini potential.

As someone who has dedicated her life to radically living our her chart, I had to really sit with this one. How can I be kind, nurturing, loving AND a headstrong warrior with my words? Is that possible?

What if I offend people? What if they don’t like what I have to say? Do you know how many haters there are on Instagram?

I don’t feel like a warrior…I feel afraid (which, side note, kind of comes with the territory of being a warrior. Where Mars falls in your chart is indicative of where you probably have some fear too.)

Here we have the paradox. I certainly haven’t been assertive with my voice here, with you dear email community. Maybe I could? Maybe I’ll discover more of myself along the way? My chart helped me realize that I’ve compartmentalized this part of my chart into the “either or” category. I can be kind with my words (Mercury in Pisces) or I can be a warrior with my words (Mars in Gemini). I’ve always chosen the former.

But what if I can be both? What if you can be both? And in fact, you can! You are.

That's what my chart is telling me, and what you're chart is telling you in it's own way. I fully believe in my ability to use my voice with kindness, compassion, and assertion because my chart says it's there. So that’s what I’m working on, and I hope that you take another look at your chart to see where you might be compartmentalizing yourself.

And if you ever need any help, well, I’m here for it! When a client tells me they don’t resonate with something in their chart, I invite them to explore that energy in them, as objectively as possible. It could be there ostracized on the sidelines of your soul expression, eagerly waiting to be called into your game of life.

These kinds of messages, to me, are worth taking a stand for (thanks Mars in Gemini). My wish for you is that you embrace more of yourself into the wholeness of your being, and accept everything that’s living in that Universe inside you.

Want to know the biggest paradoxes in your chart and how this information applies to you? You can purchase a 10-15min personal recording of my professional interpretation for $20 👇

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