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A lunar-based Astrological calendar designed to support tuning into cosmic currents, deepening self-awareness, and creating a life you love. ⭐️ Explore a Demonstration ⭐️ 


Heal, grow, and create with the Moon.

During this time of social upheaval, turmoil, and uncertainty, this cosmic calendar is here to help you cultivate a loving and peaceful inner world by understanding your own experience and what you need to live a happier life.


Create with Lunar Phases

This calendar is based on the lunar cycles, beginning and ending with each New Moon. You are the artist, and your life is a masterpiece. Set monthly intentions to create a life with more joy, passion, and alignment with who you truly are.

Here's how it works.

This calendar is built around the Lunar cycles, starting with each New Moon. (1).gif

The Moon completes an orbit & cycle around the Earth every ~29.5 days, coming into alignment with and opposing every other celestial body in the sky, including your natal planetary positions, for part of a day.

What shifts do you think happen to your inner world when the Moon aligns with Venus (love & relationships)? Or Pluto (shadow subconscious)? What about when it's opposing Mercury (rational mind)?

Can you notice a difference when the Moon moves from one House or Zodiac Sign to another?


That's what this calendar invites you to explore — your inner world as it experiences these subtle shifts in our Solar System when connected to other celestial energy that represents different parts of us, with the support of a professional! This calendar comes with built-in tools to help you understand the cryptic nature of Astrology.

Take a Look Around!

Each month includes cosmically aligned themes to set your intentions, as well as a general forecast highlighting the most important dates/things to keep in mind for the weeks ahead.

This calendar is personalized with your specific natal chart information (both planetary positions and houses).

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Each day on the calendar shares a Moon card that includes information about the daily lunar shifts and what to specifically pay attention to in terms of your inner experience.

The Moon Cards include everything you need to know about the daily lunar energy as well as how this energy might affect your internal world. It lets you experiment with Astrology in real-time!

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Journal about your day to remember anything unique that happened.

Learn what kinds of creative actions are harmonious with the lunar phase.

Channel the expressions of the Zodiac sign the Moon is currently in.

Focus on the specific area of life based on your personal houses.

Experiment with connecting to the daily planetary energy!

Click on links to learn more information about each component.

What are some examples of how this calendar supports you in creating more alignment in your life? Take a look at some of the patterns I've discovered in my life working with this system.

Moon/Mercury Days

When the Moon opposes or aligns  with Mercury, my mind is busier and I use this energy to work on communication and writing projects.

Waxing Gibbous Phase

So far, this lunar phase has been the most productive time of the month for me. I schedule my busy days around this time.

Taurus & 2nd House

When the Moon is in either Taurus or the 2nd House, I find a lot of pleasure in connecting to my body and being in nature. 



Get your personalized Star Calendar in time for the next lunar cycle beginning on November 13th. You can purchase this calendar for one month at $111, or purchase for 3 months at $300.

Purchasing for 3 months allows you to collect more data and track patterns!


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