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What changes in your chart when you switch between the Tropical and True Sidereal Zodiac approaches? That's what I share with you in this 20-minute recording! Mainly focusing on your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant signs, this professional analysis will discuss two layers of you: an Ego layer (Tropical Zodiac) and a Shadow layer (True Sidereal Zodiac). Understanding both actually gives you a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of who you are. You are multi-faceted, and looking at your natal chart calculated with both of these Zodiac approaches is simply giving us more information about you. 


Recordings include a complete transcript. You will receive your recording within three business days after purchase. I invite you to share any personal details in the field provided as you feel called. This will help me make the information more relevant and specific to your life.

Tropical vs True Sidereal Chart Analysis

  • Once receiving your order, I will send you a 20min recorded video via email within 3 business days of purchase

  • This item is a digital product that can’t be returned. Because of the time it took to make the video, I do not accept refunds on this item.

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