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Curious to learn what messages your chart has for you? This 15 to 20-minute recording provides my professional interpretation of your natal chart and transits as it relates to any question you have about your life.


Please note that there are some guidelines for your inquiry:

  • It must be about you — I cannot answer anything about another person's energy or chart
  • Can't be a Yes or No question — Keeping your inquiry open-ended allows me to provide more info
  • I love personal details! — I invite you to share any details about your life that you're comfortable with so I can provide better guidance. You are welcome to email me at if you need more space than what is provided here to write.


Examples of great questions:

  • What transits am I experiencing right now?
  • I have Chiron in Leo in my 11th House. What does that mean?
  • What does my chart show about love & relationships?
  • I currently work as a high school teacher, and it's really horrible. I want to find a new job. Is now a good time to switch careers? What should I look for?
  • How will this Mercury Retrograde affect me personally?

Personal Interpretation

  • Once receiving your order, I will send you a 15min to 20min recorded video via email within 3 business days of purchase

  • This item is a digital product that can’t be returned. Because of the time it took to make the video, I do not accept refunds on this item.

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