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Made of Stardust


Being a human doesn't exactly come with an instruction manual, and let's face it, being a human is hard! Society is currently riddled with anxiety, fear, and mistrust, and is it any wonder why? We all have Egos, trauma, and shadows that so many of us aren't aware of how they are operating in our own lives. Our world is being created from these wounded, scared places.

But it doesn't have to be! The latest research in Quantum Physics has revealed that each and every one of us creates our own realities. You have the power to choose not only who you are but the life you create. When you choose better for yourself, you're really choosing better for all of us by proxy.

Your life is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Don't create from fear. Create from the joy, passion, meaning, purpose, playfulness, curiosity, and LOVE that exists inside you at every moment. Discover the importance and the art of just being yourself through Astrology, Psychology, and Quantum Physics.

The Program


with sessions every 2 weeks




between 60min - 90min
for support between sessions
to practically apply learnings

During the eight sessions, with your Astrological Natal Chart as the guide, you will learn about...

  • The Law of Attraction & Manifestation on a Quantum Level: Once you understand the Quantum principles that apply to the Law of Attraction (the Observer Effect) then you can understand how to tap into these esoteric practices. You are a conscious creator with the Unified Field. You just don’t know how powerful you are!

  • The True Self vs. the Ego Self: Who are you? This question can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it, but the fact of the matter is who you think you are is the foundation on which you build your life. The more clarity you have around who you are, the more clarity you have in your decisions.

  • Metacognition & Self-awareness: Change your thoughts, change your life. Research shows that our ability to alter the way our brain works (neuroplasticity) is rooted in one cognitive practice—learning! In order to learn, we need to do things differently which means letting go of familiarity and embracing some feelings of discomfort. 

  • Meditation & Brain Waves: Discover why meditation is a direct bridge between our conscious and unconscious mind, and why this practice is key in the embodiment of new beliefs. Meditation is not about shutting the brain off. It’s about changing your frequency.

  • Energy Strands and Quantum Entanglement: As an energetic being who is always connected to the vast vibrating web that is life, you are never truly disconnected. Learn about relationship in an entirely new way and how to practically apply this information to your life for more meaningful, equal, and authentic partnerships.

  • Your Intuition & Unique Spiritual Connection: Life and all it’s many mysteries completely changes when we have a deeper purpose or understanding of why we are here, and let’s face it, no one can really answer that question in objective truth. This connection to a force larger than us is something that must be intimately cultivated by everyone and this connection then in return brings inner peace through trust, faith, and surrender.

  • Crystals and the Power of Your Own Intention: Principles in Quantum Physics explain the power that both crystals and intention hold. When you combine the two, you’re now communicating with the Quantum Field in an entirely new way. Learn how to use Crystals to support your energy and intentions in your daily life. This couples perfectly with the Law of Attraction!

By choosing better for yourself, you're choosing better for us all.

The first step on any journey to developing the self is knowing that you are worth it. This work is worth it.
The healthier, more fulfilled you are, the healthier and more fulfilled we all are collectively.
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