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Lunar Cycle Workbook & Report


Curated with your natal chart and the current transits, this 9-10 page document is designed to help you experience greater alignment with the cycles of the Universe, develop more self-awareness around the patterns operating in your life, and create your next chapter with heartfelt intention. This starlit information is here to guide you into a truer version of yourself and illuminate the path to an amazing life of joy, purpose, passion, and meaning. This offering is suitable for all levels of Astrological knowledge! I translate the various report components in a way that allows you to practically apply this information to your life.

Below is a forecast for this next Lunar Cycle and a preview of the report!


Discover what area of your life you are being called to focus on and develop this lunar cycle. The House placement of each cycle reveals what "season" you are in. For example, if this is a 1st House lunar cycle, the invitation would be to focus on self-expression and your sense of self. If this is a 5th House lunar cycle, you would be invited to focus on joy, play, and creativity. The House placement helps dial in your energy to find greater flow, ease, and connection with the opportunity presented with this cycle.

To work with this next lunar cycle and Solar Eclipse starting on April 8th, the deadline to order is Monday, April 1st. All workbooks will be delivered on Friday, April 5th.

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