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Intention Beads

Prayer Beads Reimagined

What are Intention Beads?

What are Intention Beads?

Sparky Spirit Intention Beads are crystal healing embellishments that are designed to support & amplify your energetic alignment with personal values. 

Crystal Healing

The Foundation of Crystal Healing

Crystals are energy manipulators. They amplify, transmute, deflect, and interact with energy and this is because they have a consistent & repeating atomic structure. This structure emits a very stable frequency that interacts with the water in our bodies as well as the electromagnetic field that we emit.

Wrap & Wear

Ways to Wear/Wrap

I love versatility! That's why I designed these beads to be worn in many different ways.

Bead Care

How to Care for Your Beads

Intention Beads are hand-knotted with silk. Silk is a very durable material, but these beads like to be treated with a certain amount of consideration and gentleness.

  • Avoid getting wet! Don't wear your beads in the shower or swimming. This will cause the silk to wear out much quicker.
  • Do not wash with harsh chemicals or detergents. This could damage the natural elements
  • Only wear during appropriate activities that are low to medium impact. These beads are not meant for intense or hardcore adventures. 
  • Store in a sacred place. Your beads have a consciousness and love having a home that is meaningful and safe when you aren't wearing them!
Connect with Your Beads

Methods to Connect/Use Your Beads

Sparky Spirit Intention Beads are nondenominational, versatile spiritual tools. There isn't a right or wrong way to use them. They are meant to support your practice of connection — whatever that looks like to you. That being said, here are a few common ways to use or connect with your beads.

  • Meditation — Hold or wear your beads during this practice.
  • Yoga, Stretching, or Dance — Made for energetic movement, your beads are great companions for these practices of moving the body.
  • Prayer — Let the amplifying properties of the elements hold and carry your prayers to Spirit.
  • Daily Wearing — This one is a bit obvious, but you can simply wear your beads throughout your day to remind/support you in your intentions.
  • Enhance Your Sacred Spaces — When you aren't wearing them, let your beads raise the vibes of your sacred spaces. Wrap around a candle or hang from a window.
  • Fidget Tool — Hand-knotted necklaces are so fun to play with and fidgeting with them can be a great way to release some nervous energy/connect with your values in a difficult moment.
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