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 About My Work 


My work is pretty simple, perhaps so simple that it often gets underestimated in significance—I teach the art of just being yourself  ✨ And as someone who has spent the majority of their life believing that I needed to be anything but myself, I know in my bones the power of authenticity to free the soul from the chains of people-pleasing, co-dependency, burnout, self-harm, meaningless work, and unsatisfying relationships. Suppressing, camouflaging, belittling, or straight-up denying parts of your true self serves NO ONE. In fact, it harms. 

I help cultivate your authentic self using practices that teach radical self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-expression. We have to know ourselves, own our stories, and take aligned action. When you do these three things, your entire life changes. There’s transparency between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. You aren’t hiding anything, and people can feel that. You’re more effective in everything that you do. The Universe responds differently to you because you literally change your vibration.

My offerings are founded in science, psychology, and spirituality. There was once a time where these fields operated separately from each other, even opposed, but now more and more evidence is emerging to show that in actuality, the quantum, your own mind, and the power of belief in something greater are divinely intertwined, inseparable.

To work with me means opening up to your unconscious mind, the inspiring wonders of spiritual practices like Astrology and crystal healing, and to see your reality—and your place as a creator in it—in an entirely new way. 

I apply the modality of Astrology with all of my clients. My sessions include topics like metacognition, shadow work, cognitive biases, crystal healing, the Hermetic Laws (including the Law of Attraction), manifestation, meditation, emotional clearing & releasing, energy chords, and more.

What’s the best way to start your journey with me? Attend one of my free workshops! It’s super important to me that I am an aligned match with all of my clients. Not only do these workshops give you a taste for my coaching energy and teaching/communication style, they are free value that I hope you can apply to your life.

“I can do nothing for you but work on can do nothing for me but work on yourself!”


 About Me 


I just turned 30 and I’m a fortunate to call Flagstaff, Arizona my home. I’m getting married to the love of my life this summer in Colorado. I’m so blessed to have a healthy family including a 20 year old kitty who I call Meow Meow. I’m a certified Crystal Healer, professional Astrologer and Soul Coach with a Bachelors of Science in Forensic Psychology with a minor in restorative justice from Walden University. I was a Mentor for at-risk youth for over 4 years through a program called Explore Austin back when I lived in Texas. I also completed a year long Victim’s Advocacy program with the Travis County Sheriff’s department. I would be on call to support victims during times of crisis, such as burglaries, assaults, and death notifications of loved ones. I’ve also through-hiked the Continental Divide Trail which was 2,000 miles and 4 months of backpacking, mostly solo, across the United States. 

I can list off these accomplishments and it can sure make me sound like I have my shit together, doesn’t it? And don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of them, but there's also another side to the story. At one point, I was volunteering over 20 hours per month on top of working full time and going to school part time. What most people don’t realize is that I did this from a place of feeling immense shame from past mistakes a general feeling of unworthiness. It’s like my entire life has been spent trying to prove myself, prove that I’m a good person, prove that I’m worthy of being liked and accepted by others. 

I have scars on my wrist from 10+ years of self-harm. I also suffered from an eating disorder that lasted from 8+ years. I remember experiencing years of social anxiety before I even knew what it was. I was co-dependent and went to CODA for over a year (this is a 10 step program that treats co-dependency like an addiction). I cultivated abusive relationships, worked in jobs that I didn’t care anything about, and spent so much time putting on a smile for those around me.

No one really knew what was going on beneath my “rainbows & butterflies” disposition. What always baffled me is that I knew, deep down, how much I wanted to help other people, to serve, to make the world a better place, and yet I had zero faith in myself to show up as I truly was to do that work. I always had the narrative that people want me to be different. I must be what other people want me to be. Then, when people like me, I’ll have value. Then I’ll feel good about myself.

I cultivated dependent relationships because I loved when people needed me, so I would put myself in those positions of being needed. Then I would get resentful at the lack of appreciation. I would begin to resent the fact that they needed me! When they didn’t even ask me to put myself in the position in the first place.

I had to take a long, hard, honest look at myself & my subconscious behaviors to understand that I was doing this all to myself. I was creating the story of unappreciated selfless martyrdom that so consumed my life. It was then, through practicing self-awareness, that I realized I wasn’t helping anyone. I wasn’t truly serving with a heart of love and gratitude (which I so desperately craved). I was serving from a place of needing external validation and insecurity. I was pushing through life just trying to prove my worth to myself.

I’ve always cared deeply about helping others. For me, selflessness is such an important value. Through my journey of just trying to be a good person, I lost myself on the path to designed to do just that—only to realize how harmful that it can be. 

I had to rewrite the story and now I know this to be true: The happier, healthier, and more full you are, the better you can serve others to your greatest capacity. If I really wanted to serve others and make a selfless difference, I first had to heal this relationship I have with myself to one of value, worth, and belief. I had to cultivate my authenticity with sacred selfishnesss.

And now? I'm doing exactly what I desire with my work and feel so much purpose, self-esteem, and meaning in my service. 

I'm free to be the biggest, boldest, and truest version of Danielle. That's what the world needs from all of us.

 My Core Values 

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